SHRCCC GP 2018 30th September

SHRCCC GP 2018 – Reedy Race format day overview


Only BRCA members in the compound
Please leave the fire road (concrete in the grass) clear
Please only walk around the edge of the track unless going to / from a Marshall spot in the centre – the day is going to be fairly fast paced so we don’t want any accidents.


Reedy Racing – for those that don’t know Each race is a race from the grid to the crossing the final line where the loop is. There is no qualifying. Points count towards your day’s total. Those with the most points win.

Each race you are in will vary per heat. Round 1, for example, you could be in heat 3, Round 2 could be heat 7. Also your position on the grid changes. The way to know where and when you are racing is to look at the races sheets on the board and we suggest taking pictures of the listings to keep on your phone.

As there will be a large number of people, can we suggest you take the pictures and review in the pits pls? Otherwise 50+ drivers can swamp the boards and people may not see their sheets in time. We will see if we can post summary sheets by drivers name and post those on the boards as well.


We do not have the luxury of time and a lot of drivers and the school complained last year about how much it over ran by. Therefore timing will be critical.


Gates open assuming the caretaker arrives on time. We have no control on how precise this person is. Please be patient if he / she is a few moments late and respect the venue for that.

8:15 – 8:45

Booking in is open. Please be prompt and make this a priority.


Drivers briefing


Practise starts – 1 three minute timed practice session per driver with a maximum of 6 drivers on the rostrum at any one time so u get a good chance of track space (races are likely to be 8 cars per heat).


Race #1 starts. A shout out will be given at 9:55 for drivers. Pls be ready if you are in race 1. Races will be 5 minutes long.

Can those in subsequent races please be ready to go up onto the rostrum before the end of the preceding race. This is to save time.

To keep it fair – all drivers will get one drive round to the loop, a complete lap to the loop again and then queue up at the start of the straight off the racing line. This stops any damages, keeps us on time and makes it as safe as we can.


Taste Spuds will be on site with their new food van offering hot and cold drinks and cooked food – breakfast and lunch. Please support them.

There is an M&S at the top of the road and a McDonalds 1 mile away.

There won’t be a lunch break unfortunately but you should be able to look after yourselves between races.


The aim of the day is a fun day – good CLEAN racing. But it is a pressure on those running the day due to volume of races, the frequency we have to get through them to make the time for them. I ask you to respect that.

As we have to grid up the races, move in and out a lot – please please please leave race control alone. Get the results from the sheets on the board. We will do our best to commentate, but there is no reason to hang around race control unless you are actually helping run the day. You will be asked to go away, if you don’t leave at that point penalties will be applied if we feel you are slowing the day down.