It is best to set up the buggy exactly to the kit setup to start your buggy racing journey. You will then have a great baseline to refer back to should you go astray with modifying your car setup.

With that in mind, shock oil is an essential to get your buggy or truck running well on the different track layouts or clubs you may visit.

In the summer time at SHRCCC and when running on EOS carpet at indoor clubs, thicker shock oil is used. In cooler conditions at SHRCCC and on dirt tracks, thinner shock oil is used.

If you follow the kit setup, it will give you a good baseline to start from. You can then tweak the car setup from there.

It also is buggy dependent. A buggy with a more forward weight distribution will require a different suspension setup to a buggy with a more rearward bias.

A Schumacher 4WD Off-Road Buggy