At SHRCCC we race 1/10th scale electric off road buggies (2wd & 4WD) and short course trucks.

We recommend you pop down to the track to chat with our racers, or join our Facebook page, where there are many enthusiastic racers ready to help you out with choosing race equipment. But to give you an idea of what you require, we’ve compiled a handy guide.

To race at SHRCCC, you will need the following equipment:

Note: this is only a guide. It does not show every piece of information, nor does it constitute official rules.

  • Membership to the BRCA (For insurance purposes, this is mandatory.)
  • A buggy
  • A set of tyres
  • An electronic speed controller (ESC) brushless motor compatible
  • A hard case lipo battery
  • An electric motor (we recommend using a brushless sensored motor)
  • A transmitter and receiver
  • A steering servo
  • A battery charger
  • A lipo battery charging bag (to protect against the very rare occasion of a battery fire. Safety is our primary concern, along with having lots of racing fun!)
  • A pit table and chair (no fun scrabbling around on the floor to prepare your car!)
  • A set of tyres and foam inserts
  • A personal transponder – RC3 (Harry) are compatible with our timing system. (These fit in your car and are logged by our race computer to track your lap times, positions, and number of laps completed.)

For a more colourful guide for you to print out and keep, here’s something we prepared earlier!

Getting Started in RC