Batteries are a fairly easy choice these days but must conform to the BRCA standards. A full list of batteries confirmed by the BRCA is updated each season on their website. The Shorty battery fits most buggies and short course trucks. Although there are a few vintage buggies where you will require the Low Centre of Gravity (LGC) batteries. These are slightly lower in height than the standard Shorty battery, so can fit between the 4WD belts in some vintage models or if you are chasing milliseconds, give the experienced racer’s buggy a slightly lower centre of gravity as the name suggests.

LiPo shorty and LCG batteries are the standard at the current time. These must ALWAYS be charged in a LiPo sack to mitigate against fire. Anyone not charging using a LiPo sack will be asked to charge in a LiPo sack or leave the premises. Never charge your batteries without a LiPo sack, or in your buggies or short course trucks.A Corally 7.4V 5000 capacity LiPo battery