Recycling Wheels Using Acetone Or Steam

There are a couple of methods for reusing your wheels once you have used up the tread on the tyres.

The first is to cut the majority of the tyre off the wheel, leaving just the bead around the rim of the wheel. You then remove any foam inserts and place the wheel in acetone within an acetone-proof container. Seal the lid and it should then be left for a few days until the bead can be removed from the wheel. The wheel can then be reused with a fresh set of foam inserts and tyres.

CAUTION: Always use safety protection when handling dangerous chemicals.

The second option is to place the wheels in a vegetable steamer (Not one used for food – you will need a separate steamer just for your wheels.) and set it going for an hour or so. You should then be able to remove the tyres from the wheels to reuse.

A stack of yellow rear wheels A pair of Schumacher Medium Rear Foams