2WD Buggies, 4WD Buggies, Short Course Trucks, and Vintages

2WD Buggies
These are the most popular class at SHRCCC and are predominantly rear wheel drive, although there is one manufacturer of note (Orb Racing) who produce a front wheel drive off road buggy, which requires a donor buggy to build the full kit.

2WD Serpent Buggy

2WD buggies are predominantly gear driven, but there are exceptions. Most notably from the manufacturer Schumacher Racing, based in the UK. Although their recent release has gone down the gear route.

4WD Buggies
In the winter time, 4WD buggies come into their own. But as well as 2WD buggies, can be used all year round, come sun, wind, rain, and occasionally snow! Modern 4WD buggies have two differentials and are either shaft or belt drive.

Short Course Trucks
Short Course Trucks, or SCT’s, are another popular class at SHRCCC, although can be hard to get hold of. These have wider track and are longer than their buggy counterparts. They are great fun to watch and drive and are generally more forgiving than a typical 2WD or 4WD buggy if you run into a track hose or feature at an unfortunate angle.

This class has increased significantly in popularity over the past decade, with racers from days gone by returning to the scene and are great to see driving around the track, bringing back fond memories for our racers who are old enough to remember them.

Yokomo 4WD Vintage Buggy