Timing Systems and Personal Transponders

We currently use the MyLaps timing system. The type of Personal Transponder is important. RC3 (Harry) personal transponders are compatible with our timing system and have two wires, not three. These fit in your car and are logged by our race computer to track your lap times, positions, and number of laps completed.

It is down to the individual racer to supply their own Personal Transponder and can be purchased online in some model shops or you may pick one up second hand.

The first time you race, you will be directed to drive your buggy over the Timing Loop, which at SHRCCC is underneath the AstroTurf surface near race control. Once your Personal Transponder has been logged, it will be assigned to your name and you will be ready to go.

Other clubs have either the same timing system as ourselves, slightly different versions of the same timing system, or alternate timing systems.

The timing system software at SHRCCC (BBK) is no longer available for purchase, but we have an unlimited licence and will be using this system for the foreseeable future.

There are no longer print outs, so to view the results, you will need to go to https://shrccc.co.uk/results and click on Live Results.

The RC3 Harry personal transponder (Note the two wires) An example of a MyLaps timing system