The Track – Surface, Rostrum, Features


There are a few different surfaces in 1/10th buggy racing. We predominately race on AstroTurf at SHRCCC, but other clubs do have different surfaces, such as high grip EOS carpet, and low grip dirt. AstroTurf sits in the middle of these grip levels.


The rostrum is where racers stand on during their Qualifying Heats and Finals. It is placed to the side of the track and gives racers a commanding view of the track to see their buggies at all times.

A Rostrum of Racers at SHRCCC


With off road buggy racing, features play a big part in the track and its layout. They are used in various degrees to enhance a track’s layout so we don’t end up racing a flat touring car style track. Our features include jumps, ramps, and table tops.