John Yarham Jr’s 18th Birthday Bash

It was a fun filled day of merriment and celebration at SHRCCC on Saturday 27th July 2019.

With much rain forecast, some hearty souls braved the inclement start to the day to make it through to more clement conditions.

A great birthday celebration for John Yarham Jr at SHRCCC today. Many thanks to the racers and to John Yarham’s wife for providing the delicious food and cake! A fantastic day of Reedy Format Racing mixed with Wacky Races including the Daytona 500 with commentary from my American Deep South NASCAR Cousin™️ and the buddy race! 😄

Bravo to Jimmy and Carl for the Buddy Race victory and to Dean and Tony for a Wackiest Racer and Best Crash! (I think that was correct. Do inform me otherwise if I’ve muddled that up!)
Happy birthday John Jr and congratulations on the Wacky Racers Reedy victory!